What Makes a Great DJ Set?

DJ Set

As the anticipation of nightclubs reopening begins to ramp up, many people may be recounting their most memorable DJ sets, eagerly awaiting the possibility of hitting the dance floor once again later this month. Whether you are scrolling through your camera roll, reliving the best moments from the summer of 2019, or perhaps even reminiscing with your friends about your favourite celebrity DJ performance.


With such a huge variety of festivals and nightclubs, offering unique experiences, with music from vastly different genres and styles, it comes as no surprise that music is inherently subjective to a degree. Saying this, there are still a few factors that we can mostly all agree are ingredients for a great DJ set. 


DJ Bookings


First of all, it may seem obvious, but the actual DJ that is booked to play can have a huge impact on whether a DJ set is great or not. This also includes all of the DJs that are booked to play before and after the DJ set in question.


The sign of a good DJ is someone who is willing to set the right mood for the crowd, whether they are a warm-up act for the headline DJ, or they are playing a heavier prime time spot. A lineup that is filled with DJs within a certain genre or style also helps the audience to hear music that they may like from similar artists, while also keeping the music fresh throughout the whole evening. 


DJ Equipment


Although many people say that a bad workman blames his tools, having the right DJ equipment can come a long way to making a DJ set more memorable. You could be at a huge festival on a beach with your favourite artists, but if you can’t hear the music then you may feel like you wasted your money. On the other hand, hearing a great mix on a top of the range sound system can get a crowd in the mood to party all night.


DJ Bookings




Much like DJ equipment, professional lighting can add another level to a DJ set, a great lighting set up can often be an unsung hero of an incredible DJ set. Lighting, lasers and smoke machines can add a new dynamic to a DJ set, helping to increase the impact of each drop, while creating an atmosphere that helps you to truly lose yourself in the music. 


The Venue


Sometimes the venue can make or break a DJ set. If you have ever been to a boat party or a festival on a beach, you’d generally expect that you would have a better time than if the gig was in a community hall or a small pub. The important thing is that the venue matches the vibe of the music. Listening to industrial techno in a dark and dingy warehouse may actually be the perfect match. 


friends DJ set




Finally, sometimes the greatest DJ sets are those that you go to with your best friends, or perhaps friends that you meet during your night out. Music is a great way to connect with others and share an experience that you could be talking about for years to come. With restrictions on music venues potentially coming to an end this month, being able to let loose and dance with our loved ones is sure to win over any audience. 


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