Best Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Events

The best corporate events have great entertainment. Quality entertainment will capture the attention of your guests and keep them engaged during every minute of your corporate event. 

Get it wrong, however, and you could leave your guests bored, or make a bad impression - two things you definitely want to avoid. We know a thing or two about quality corporate event entertainment at Noisy Kitchen, so you can take our word for it.

Deciding on the best entertainment for your event isn’t all that simple, there are many aspects to consider before booking. And there are lots of different styles of event entertainment to pick from. While this can initially seem overwhelming, it’s also a positive, as it means you can find the ideal entertainment for your unique event. 

We’ve put together this blog to help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control about what to consider before booking corporate party entertainment, and the different options available.

So let’s get this party (or blog!) started…

What to consider before booking corporate entertainment

Before we get onto the best corporate entertainment ideas for your event, let’s get some housekeeping out of the way. 

Corporate entertainment should be enjoyable and enthralling, but it should also directly complement your event and its objective. They’ll be a clear goal behind your event, whether it’s to strengthen client relationships, or show appreciation to your colleagues.

Consider carefully how your entertainment will help you reach your goal.

One way to do this is by analysing your guests and their demographics. Will they resonate with your corporate event entertainment of choice? Or will it go over their heads? For example, you wouldn’t host a mixology masterclass for under eighteens, and you wouldn’t book a teen band for a professional corporate event for the finance industry.

It’s also vital to think about your event venue and what kind of corporate entertainment it’ll lend itself to. Evaluate how accessible the location is, especially if your corporate performers will have lots of equipment.

Then there's the budget. Don’t even begin to think about booking corporate party entertainment without knowing exactly how much you can spend. Your entertainment should be amazing, but it shouldn’t plunge you into debt. Only book what you can afford, and make sure to keep some funds back for extra costs, such as accommodation and travel for your performers. 

Now let’s move on to the fun bit - different ideas for corporate entertainment... 

Interactive Corporate Event Entertainment

This style of corporate event entertainment is activity-based rather than solely performance-based. It’ll be more structured and can be great for team-building style events, where you want attendees to break the ice.

Examples include cocktail making classes, which is great for evening events, or even a wine tasting activity. Or you could go ultra techy and modern with a virtual reality experience or game, which could be very memorable for your guests.

Depending on the tone and style of your corporate event, a yoga session or even a life drawing class could also be an excellent idea.

Bear in mind that not all guests will want to take part in this kind of interactive corporate entertainment. It’s also crucial to let guests know in advance via the invitation or itinerary if they need to wear suitable clothing or bring anything with them. Even if they don’t, it can be a good idea to inform your attendees of what’s in store, so that they don’t get any surprises. 

Roaming performers at your corporate event

Roaming entertainment simply means entertainers that roam around your event venue. It can also be called walkabout entertainment.

This style of performance can be a smart option if your corporate event is taking place in a large venue, or outside, and if you want to entertain your guests in a lighter manner.

There are numerous different styles of walkabout corporate entertainment, from circus performers such as jugglers and stilt walkers to dancers and showgirls to more interactive options such as character performers who mingle with your guests.

You could also opt for a classic option and book a good old-fashioned magician. A single performer such as this can work well in smaller venues, too.

A dazzling appearance from a Celebrity DJ 

We couldn’t write a blog on corporate entertainment event ideas without highlighting celebrity DJs.

You get double the impact from a celebrity DJ - the celeb factor will impress your guests, and the DJ set will provide your event with an incredible soundtrack and amazing vibes.

At Noisy Kitchen, we have heaps of experience of serving corporate events with bespoke live entertainment in the form of talented celebrity DJs. With our corporate event entertainment, you can be sure to give your attendees an exclusive experience that they will be telling all their friends and colleagues about for years to come.

Simple but effective corporate event entertainment

Finally, we’re going to mention some more subtle event entertainment ideas that could be ideal if the vibe of your corporate party is more low-key.

Maybe your event is very understated, or perhaps you’re still getting to know your guests and want to play it a bit safe. Or perhaps you simply don’t have the budget for large entertainment.

A photo booth could be a great option if this applies to you. There are numerous options, from small selfie booths to large booths with fun props and dress-up items, and they can add a sense of fun to an event without being over the top. They also provide your guests with a memento to take away.

Other more subtle corporate event ideas include chocolate fountains or DIY food options, or you could take it back to basics with a simple raffle or pub-style quiz. Simple can be extremely effective if done well.

Enhance your event with the best corporate party entertainment

We hope this blog has given you plenty of corporate entertainment ideas and helped you evaluate what style will be the best fit for your guests, venue and vibe.

If you’re looking to take your corporate event to new heights with an exclusive appearance from a celebrity DJ, check out Noisy Kitchen today.