Everything to consider when hiring a wedding DJ


There’s lots to consider when hiring a wedding DJ, from cost and equipment to style and passion. It can be a daunting task, especially if it’s the first time you’ve ever hired a DJ. 

Your wedding is incredibly important, and it’s so personal to you and your partner. You’ll want to find a DJ who resonates with your vision for your special day and music taste, and who will create a great atmosphere for you and your guests.

At Noisy Kitchen, we live and breathe DJ-ing, so we know exactly what you should consider when hiring a DJ for your wedding. 

Although it’s an important decision, and one you don’t want to get wrong, it should also be an exciting process. So don’t feel overwhelmed. Instead, read our blog and feel fully equipped with the considerations to take before you pick your wedding DJ entertainment.


How much can you spend on your wedding DJ?


Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first.

Decide on how much you can afford, and how much you actually want to spend. The latter will depend on how much priority you give to your wedding DJ. If you’re reading this to try and gauge how important a DJ is at a wedding, our opinion is that they are very important indeed.

A good DJ, like our celebrity DJs at Noisy Kitchen, will create the best vibes, get everyone on the dancefloor, and make you never want to leave. They will give everyone an amazing lasting impression of your wedding day, and help you create memories. The evening “do”  is what lots of guests and couples look forward to the most. It’s a time to relax, have fun, and end your special day on a euphoric note. 

We would also stress that you get what you pay for. Experience and professionalism cost money - an accomplished professional DJ will cost more than your mate who occasionally does a set in the local pub, for example.

Ultimately, your wedding DJ budget is a personal decision, but it’s the first thing you should decide upon.

The Wedding DJ’s Style 


Next up on your list of considerations is style and taste. 

All wedding DJs are different and have their own quirks. Some DJs are clear about what genres they specialise in - if you’re after an entire set of 80s classics, you probably won’t go for a RnB DJ! 

And just as all DJs are different, all crowds are different too. A good wedding DJ should be able to respond to the mood of your guests and keep the energy high. This doesn’t mean playing requests all night long, but anticipating what the crowd will respond to best.

Speak to your prospective wedding DJs about their personal style and how they react to the crowd. And they will want to know about your taste and some special songs you will definitely want to be played. Although an experienced DJ should be able to carry the energy on their capable shoulders, a wedding is a highly personal event, so they will be expecting to play some requests. 

Another thing to keep in mind is whether you want your DJ to MC. MC-ing at a wedding usually involves making announcements and providing commentary. Bear in mind that not all DJs will be happy to do this, but others may presume that they will be. It’s a key detail to discuss before hiring your wedding DJ. 

Ensure you’re on the same page, and don’t feel embarrassed about asking questions.


DJ Equipment & Lighting 


A crucial consideration when hiring a wedding DJ is whether they will provide their own equipment. 

We would expect DJs who specialise in weddings to have their own gear, such as decks, mixers, controllers and speakers, and would see it as a potential red flag if they do not.

Then there’s additional equipment such as lighting. Many wedding DJs will also provide their own, and they may try to upsell you on the lighting front. The style of your wedding venue and the time of day of your wedding will influence how much lighting you need. 

And it will also depend on your taste. If you want full-on disco, you’ll want the disco ball and party lights, but if you’re after more of a cool club vibe, you may fancy something understated. 

It’s important to speak to your DJ and venue about this, as these details all contribute to the overall atmosphere. Make sure you’re clear on who will be responsible for lighting and whether certain equipment will incur an extra cost - you don’t want to go over budget.


The passion & professionalism of your wedding DJ


Unlike equipment, your wedding DJ's individual passion and professionalism isn’t tangible, but it’s arguably the most important aspect when hiring a DJ for your big day.

You will be as passionate as you can possibly be about your wedding day, and you’re inviting a stranger into the most important day of your life. It’s essential that you can rely upon them to be professional and genuinely care about giving you and your guests a great experience.

Any good wedding DJ will want to demonstrate this to couples, and their passion should be evident when you chat to them and ask questions. You could ask about their journey to becoming a wedding DJ and what their favourite aspect of their career is. Most DJs will be more than happy to chat about their passion.

You could also read reviews online to get an idea of their professionalism, but this should become apparent in how they respond to your messages, the questions they ask you, and the overall vibe you get from them. 

It’s usually obvious when someone is genuinely passionate and professional about what they do, and you certainly want to get this sense before you hire a wedding DJ.


Feel confident in the wedding DJ hire process


All weddings are unique, so wedding DJs are not one-size-fits-all. But if you consider these key points, we’re confident that you can find the best wedding DJ for your special day.

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