How have nightclubs changed since COVID-19?


With nightclubs having closed for over a year, it was no surprise that the venues came back with an almighty bang on ‘Freedom Day’ (19th July). With the likes of The Egg, Fabric and Ministry of Sound all hosting opening parties, we saw revellers queueing up in their masses to enter as the clock struck midnight. But since they shut their doors in March 2020, how have nightclubs had to adapt? And what COVID rules and regulations are they now expected to operate? 


With our roster of nightclub DJs at Noisy Kitchen, we have been working alongside many of the UK’s top club venues experiencing how they are operating since reopening. Whilst the advice is continually changing, at the time of writing (12th August), we’ve picked out what you need to know about how nightclubs have changed since COVID-19.  


What are the COVID rules for nightclubs?


Whilst advice is continually changing, as it currently stands, club-goers won’t need to socially distance, wear masks or show proof of vaccination to enter a nightclub. But...this will change come the end of September, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced recently that evidence of full vaccination will be required for admission into nightclubs. 


COVID rules for nightclubs at a glance


You don’t need to wear masks.
You don’t need to socially distance.
You don’t need to show proof of vaccination (until the end of September, when this will be required for admission).   


Do I need a vaccine passport for nightclubs currently?


No. At the time of writing, you don’t need to have a vaccine passport to enter a nightclub. But this will change at the end of September when proof of full vaccination will be required for admission. 


When do I need to get an NHS COVID Pass to enter nightclubs?


You will need to get an NHS COVID Pass by the end of September to be allowed into clubs. Nightclubs are contesting this, so this may likely change. 


Will I need to wear a mask at a nightclub?


No.  Since the 19th of July, when restrictions were lifted, you aren’t legally obliged to wear masks. But if you would like to wear a mask to feel safer, then many nightclubs encourage this. 


Do I still need to socially distance at a nightclub?


No. Since the 19th of July, you are no longer required to socially distance at a nightclub. 


What new guidelines are in place for nightclubs to support the reduction of risk for club-goers? 


-     Ask for proof of a negative lateral flow test

  • Encourage club-goers to wear masks
  • Complete a health and safety risk assessment
  • Install good ventilation systems throughout the club
  • Have regular hand sanitiser stations
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning
  • Support NHS Test and Trace System
  • Consider the use of the NHS Covid Pass
  • Encourage contactless payments where possible
  • Use screens at the point of service
  • Carry out searches outdoors
  • Consider using a CO2 monitor on the dancefloor to check that ventilation is sufficient.
  • Provide clear communications throughout the venue about how customers can behave
  • Avoid the passing of ID between door security and the customer.


See the complete list of guidelines from the government regarding how nightclubs can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission


How have the top London clubs changed since reopening?


As the guidance for nightclubs isn’t mandatory, many nightclubs are operating slightly different regulations within their clubs.  While some clubs are just encouraging lateral flow tests, others such as Corsica Studios require proof of a negative test for entry.  

The Egg Club, London

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While The Egg does not require COVID certification for entry into their club, they expect clubbers to take a lateral flow test. If you test positive, they will transfer your ticket to another event of your choosing until you are allowed out of isolation. 


Prince of Wales, Brixton

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The Prince of Wales asks their club-goers to take a lateral flow test within 48 hours of attending a club night. They are also encouraging clubbers to take a test after the event and wear masks whilst indoors in the club. 

Corsica Studios

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Club-goers will have to show proof of a negative lateral flow test or PCR test via text message or email from the NHS on entry to Corsica Studios. Whilst they are no enforcing masks, they are encouraging those who attend their events to wear them. 

Printworks, Canada Water

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For entry into the Printworks in September when they reopen, club-goers from England will have to present an NHS COVID Pass. Those across the rest of the UK will have to show evidence of a negative lateral flow or PCR test. They aren’t currently expecting event-goers to be fully vaccinated to attend their club or wear a mask.

The Clapham Grand

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The Clapham Grand is asking their clubbers to do everything to help ensure that they are not infectious, either through a negative lateral flow test or via vaccination. They aren’t expecting club-goers to wear masks. 


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